This book FEAST is a very significant contribution to the mainstay of our Krishna consciousness movement. As Srila Prabhupada said  ‘we are eating our way Back to Godhead and this publication markedly serves that. There's a plethora of delicious, juicy, and succulent recipes here for the pleasure of Krishna and His devotees.

–Tejiyasa dasa ACBSP

FEAST by Kurma dasa and friends is the ‘second coming’ of the top-rated cookbook by Yamuna devi dasi – in terms of content, quality and reader participation. All the recipes are feast-quantity for 200 or more, but while you may be thinking that you’ll never be cooking for crowds like that, it doesn’t matter. 

Why is that? Well there’s much more than just recipes tucked away in the pages of this epic that includes contributions from 60 veteran ISKCON cooks. There’s tips, stories, menus, Prabhupada prasad memories and fascinating prasad-related adventures! Just as I do with Yamuna’s ‘Bhagavatam of cookbooks, you can just read it for the sheer joy it brings.

–Malati Devi Dasi ACBSP

“The book is amazing. So many anecdotes, background info and insights! Although I only cook for home, the book is like a precious window for me – one with an awesome view.”

–Caroline Turberfield

“FEAST is a valuable tool for training present and future cooks in our ‘Kitchen Religion’ because it aims to keep alive the art of preparing sumptuous feasts, cooked with ghee and spices, for the pleasure of Lord Krishna.

–Dhirasanta dasa Goswami

“I pray this long awaited book becomes revolutionary for rebooting the basic standards so integral to upholding dharma and unifying the assembled and unassembled devotees all over the world. High quality prasadam is one of the secret weapons of Krishna Consciousness. My most humble obeisances for the hard work of the creators.

Kalalapa Cathy Richardson ACBSP

“This is a cookbook with spectacular recipes from 60 great cooks and chefs around the world. The lead author, Kurma dasa, is revered the world over as the doyen of vegetarian cooking. The recipes are especially for large gatherings, but they can easily be scaled down and adjusted for households and small groups by those who have even a little amount of experience in cooking.

"We have read many of the included recipes and tried out some of them so far. They have turned out excellent! Some of the recipes sparked creative juices in my wife’s brain and resulted in some other dishes that she cooked.

"FEAST is much more than just a cookbook. It’s full of stories both heart-warming and human: tales of interaction with Krishna prasadam (dishes sanctified by offering them to the Divine/ to God first as a measure of gratitude). There’s even tips on cooking, kitchen standards, and ingredients.

"One can even read this book for entertainment, though be warned  – you’ll soon get hungry by reading the stories and the fabulous, time-tested recipes. The purchase price is honestly a small price to pay for this masterpiece.”

Yogi D

"The Hare Krishnas are sometimes referred to as the Kitchen Religion. The recipes in FEAST are from the best cooks of the Hare Krishnas, aka Kitchen Religion. The book is easy to read and interesting. It’s sprinkled with personal anecdotes and stories – overall a great book! 

"No surprise as Kurma is greatly accomplished, with other great cookbooks, cooking shows, and personal cooking demonstrations. Now that I have this book, I just need a crowd to cook for!"

Sara Jones

“Hare Krishna! I finally got my copy of your unique new cookbook. I did not know what to expect, but it is beyond my expectations. It contains a wealth of knowledge and experience, and it will certainly assist so many others worldwide to fulfil the desire of Srila Prabhupada to distribute as much prasadam as possible. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute in a very small way.”

Maharishi dasa

"Just received my copies of Kurma dasa’s new cookbook, FEAST!  I am giving them out as gifts. This vegetarian and plant-based cookbook comes alive with so many sweet stories and recipes from some of ISKCON's greatest cooks. Traditional recipes for this age!"

Krodhasamani dasi ACBSP

"We serve 150-200 guests every week at the Sunday feast here in Brooklyn. We just received your new cookbook and we're very excited to prepare some new recipes. Thank you!"

Jayananda dasa 

 “A wonderful gift to the world! And a perfect gift to us.”

Pavani devi dasi

“The Sunday Love Feasts at the Portland temple in 1974-75 were magical in those early days. I look forward to reading this FEAST cookbook because I still long to have the magic back again at the Sunday Love Feasts.” 

–Drista dasa ACBSP

"I am looking forward to study the wonderful big recipes; we're already planning new menus for festivals here in Sweden!"

 –Lokanatha dasa

"Absolutely wonderful! So many recipes that I wanted to learn for a long, long time, and here they are!!! Thank you so much for compiling this great book; I'm going to use it often. And the cover is very beautiful, with a velvety feeling. I truly love it! "  

–Todi devi dasi 

"FEAST is a wonderful addition to any kitchen, with many anecdotes, stories, and tips from some of the best cooks in the movement. There’s a plethora of recipes therein, from the innovative raspberry gulabjamuns to the classic Gauranga potatoes, and many different cooking techniques that are a valuable addition to any cook’s repertoire. It brilliantly solidifies the parampara of Krishna prasadam, with some recipes coming from Srila Prabhupada himself."


Mitravan dasa